donderdag 26 juni 2014

OH NO!!! Wrong clean up!!!

Hello dear friends,

I just found out that all my pictures of my cards are gone from my blog!!!
I recently have a new mobile phone and i was going trough it etc.
And i came out at a lot of pictures even some more of the same card.
So i removed them all and now i find out that they where conected with my blog!

When i got the time i will find out how i can find them back some how,i HOPE!!!
But now you know what's going on.

zaterdag 2 maart 2013

Happily Ever After

Stamp-Stempel : Marianne Design(Don & Daisy) - SU ( Lot's of thoughts)
Today i've made this card with a new stamp i bought today.
I loved the image so much thinking of me and my daughter.
I do see us sitting like that after she is coming out of school and talk about the day.
When i told my daughter about this image telling her it looked like us.
She asked if the little girl could have a blue ribbon in her hair and a blue dress.
Little me is colored in a pink dress because i love to see my self in a dress.
But i don't have the figure to ware one also i don't feel comfy in it.
I have black hair but only black would be just a black spot on the card.
So i used some dark blue as well.

I have used the tip from dear Mary of the great blog Where's My Creativity
 to using a tekst on the front of the card.
Cause i have dificulty's ading the tekst great on a card.

This would be our happy time in a happy place...Happily Ever After...

Just a Card with Love

Stamp/Stempel : Stampin Up

This is another card with an image i've colored some days ago.
I was so tired of trying to make cute scrap cards.
I had to make something easy and simple.
With this card i had difficulty's with adding the tekst,so i leave it out.
Later on i will ad a tekst inside the card.

The bumper and the door aren't that bright as showing on the picture.

I'm entering this card to the challenge : Simon Says Stamps - Everything Goes : nr. .659

vrijdag 1 maart 2013

Bundle of Love

Stamp-Stempel : Stampin Up

2 days ago i was playing with some stamps and try to color them.
Some didn't worked out great,bleeding of the ink,choose the wrong color inkt etc.
The idea of this card was to make it sitting/lying on a cloud with stars around it.
Because of the Stars Circle Die i have used.
Again i have tried to combine the papers and inkt much better.
But with the Peapod it didn't worked out that well.
I found out i haven't got great markers of green.

I have tried to make the Peapod  some darker to make it more the same of the rest.
But i do like the Pea how it turned out.

donderdag 28 februari 2013

Happy Easter

Stamp-Stempel : Stampin Up

Yesterday i had to clean up my desk.
I wasn't able to to do anything at all!

After that was done i had to make some flowers with the tissuepaper and some dies.
You can see 2 of the flowers i've made.
I think it work out quit well.
The egg of the little chicken is paper pierced.

At first i was trying to make an elegant easter card.
As you can see with the doily and the big egg.
But when i started with the little chicken it didn't turned out that elegant at all.

So i thought who care's i'll do both.
I am also still struggling with adding tekst on my cards.
But with this one it was no problem.


woensdag 27 februari 2013

Hip Hip Hooray - Hiep Hiep Hoera

Stamps/Stempels : ECG,Mandy,Martha Stewart
I always wanted to do some banners/flagline on my card.
And i finally did a shot to use them on an card.
The green leaves i've punched out and stamped with the Martha Stewart punch/stamp in one.
I inked the stamp with Ranger Clear Resist Pad to create the fine lines.


Ik heb altijd al eens zo'n vlaggenlijn willen gebruiken op mijn kaart.
En eindelijk is het gelukt om een poging te wagen om ze te gebruiken op mijn kaart.
De groene blaadjes heb ik uit geponst en gestempeld met de Martha Stewart Pons/Stempel in een.
Ik heb de stempel beinkt met Ranger Clear Resist Pad om die nerfjes te krijgen.


Stamp-Stempel : SU-Mandystamp
TonicstudioDie : Stars Circle Die

I have made this card because i want to make a sweet card.
Well what is sweeter then a baby that is coming.
I made it with in my mind the teacher of my daughter.
I still combined the pink with the blue,
so you can go either way when the baby comes.
The idea was to got some flowers in the little buggy.
But i thought of that when i already glued the buggy on the paper.
So it was difficult to get the flowers etc.on it.

The blue flowers and the butterfly i've made from tissuepaper.
And a Martha Stewart punch and some dies.
I figured out that if you fold the tissue paper some times 
you can get great flowers,butterfly's etc.
I also tried the Stars Circle Die with the tissue paper.
Wow what a result.
So i will use that often.

I would enter this card in the following challenge:

dinsdag 26 februari 2013

My daughter's old/new Cow and Many Thanks - Mijn dochter's nieuwe/oude koe en heel veel dank

 Today we received my daughter's old cow back from my co-worker.
We have asked if she could do something about it
cause it almost 8 years old.
And was not the cow it use to be.
So this is her new cow.
She is verry happy with it.

Stamp/Stemper : Stampin Up
Die : Stars Circle Tonic Die

This is what i have made also for her.
Inside the giftpaper is a hugh box of chocolate.

maandag 25 februari 2013

Thank You and an received card - Dank je wel en een gekregen kaart

Stamp-Stempel : SU(tekst)-Image Unknow for me

This card i've made yesterday evening.
I try really hard to combine all the colors 
of the image with the papers 
and the embelishments.
But i still found it very hard to work things out.
Maybe i have to got more products 
from one company instead of just collect 
what i like in the store's.
Also try to make it more girly(?) with
with the doily and the white border.

I do notice that i'm changing my style a lot.
In the beginning i've made cards 
real simple and straight.
Also my cards had more white
then i'm using now days.
So i'm making progress i think.

When i'm think of it 2013 is just started.
And now i have already made more cards 
then i did the last 2 years.
Fingers crossed if it will stay this way.


This card my daughter received 
from a woman also a member from 
kaarten maken met Tiets:
She got some tickets for a zoo.
I had won some tickets but they where to much
for me to use because it was to far
to go all that time and nearly expired.
I only had asked if she would send my daughter 
a card because my daughter is always
very upset that she never receive any mail.
The only mail she get is from persons 
we do not want to see anymore.
And was also legally being confirmed 
that we,but the most important my daughter
never have to meet again.
But they are still doing things that is not good.

Anyway today we have received this 
really cute card in the mail from her.
She was exited to open the envelop.
And was SOOOO happy when she see 
this cute  card.
There was also some embelishments.
I have given it to my daughter.
She want's to make her own cards,necklace's 
and bracelets and she is doing that
better then me.
I wasn't able to make a picture 
of the embellishment's.
I have search more then an hour for my camera.
And in the mean time my daughter 
has already begon with the stuff she got.