donderdag 13 maart 2008

Nieuwe dingen(New Things)

These things i received today,how great is that to play with.
I ordered it yesterday before 15:00 by and now allready on my desk waiting to play with,.
Such a different with other shops where you have to wait DAYS for just only an answer if you lucky that they are replying.
And if you buy something they wont ask why you want it.
I did get an email where they are asked why i want a lot of the same little cute stamps.
And if i answer it she would be thinking if she wants to send it to me.
Eventhough that i emailed back with the answer that i'm in a lot of swaps and raks and i love to give something away but if it would be a problem i would find another store she still give no answer.
Well than i'm so over with that shop
I never going to buy there anymore,lucky for me there is a lot other shops with GREAT SERVICE and answer immidiatly or the next day.
I spend my money on other shops and i can buy a lot...

1 opmerking:

  1. WOw lot of new stuff !:) I have to agree... we buy where we have great services! :)
    Have a wonderful day!


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