vrijdag 11 april 2008

Cardbox Tutorial

Take a piece of cardstock that is 11" X 4".(28X10cm-this is in cm the real meassurments so i did change it a tiny bit)Where you have to score it i inked it up.Cause i don't know how to say it how the inches are somethimes.The first on goes at 1/2"(2cm)

The second score is here(8,5cm):

The third score is here(15cm):

And the last score is here(21,5):

The end of the paper(28cm):

Turn it and sore it not in the middle,where the inkline is(6,5cm):

From the smallest side you cut away the little piece off like so:

Then cut in at the middle line from the smalles squares:

Cut 4 pieces of cardstock or patern paper both sides at this lenght(5,5cm):

If you glue it on the big side of the card it will look like this:

Then you cut 4 pieces of cardstock or paternpaper like so(2,5cm):

And the other side like so(5,5cm):

Glue this on the wrong side of the card! it will look like this:

Now you can go decorate it how even you like it and glue it together.The smallest little piece goes at the other end and it will be a box.

Now cut a piece of paper like so(2cm):

And the other side like so(11,5cm):

Then with a scissor cut in at the end of the paper for the half at both sides.In diagonal way you place that in the box.Take some cardstock and stamp,decorate it how you like and glue it on the stripe that hangs inside the box.

This is how it looks like when it's finished.By the second picture you see at the right side by the flaps a bit of the middle piece of paper that you had to cut in a bit.Now you have an idea how to hang it in the box.

Now you see how it is hanging in the box.

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