woensdag 27 februari 2008

And again almost 1000!!

How great this is almost 1000 somewhere else also.
I would never thought of that would happend to me.
Cause i'm not a big chatter and unfortunatly i forgot often where i posted a comment.
And days/weeks later i remember it and have to find it back,but would i give a comment again??
Should they remember that then??or should i leave it like that??Often it's that.
Anyway i wont say where it is the 1000 and when.
Cause the last one i even don't know.
The first one who payed attention to that and let me know in this message or somewhere else get's a pretty nice something.
Don't now what exactly,but there are so much great things outhere.
I'm so exited about it and i'm curious who will notice it up and say it first.

1 opmerking:

  1. You are past 1000!!! :) Congratulations to you and I just received my treats so thank you so much!!! it will be so fun to play with those stamps! Thanks, thanks thanks! :)


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